Optimized control of energy systems

Foresighted resource planning of energy producers, consumers and storage facilities

Companies face a number of challenges in managing their energy systems: energy efficiency requirements are increasing, energy systems are becoming increasingly complex and the efficient management of energy costs and grid fees requires flexibility in consumption and generation.

With ATHION OPTIMIZATION, ATHION supports its customers in the active management of their energy systems. The system plans the optimal use of generators, consumers and storage facilities fully automated.


Your added values

  • Increase in the economic efficiency of your own energy production
  • Reduction of energy procurement costs
  • High granularity and accuracy of the optimization thanks to modelling of the energy system and use of highly effective mathematical optimization methods
  • High flexibility in the connection of local data sources and IT systems (e.g. metering infrastructure, trading systems, etc.)
  • No investment costs thanks to a flexible software-as-a-service model
  • Can be linked to other ATHION Digital Energy Services, such as automated monitoring of the energy system

Fields of application

  • Increasing the hours of profitable equipment use
  • Avoidance of uneconomical plant operation
  • Predictive reaction to peak loads
  • Intelligent integration of new assets into the plant portfolio, e.g. power-to-heat plants, battery storage systems
  • Short-term responsiveness to fluctuating stock exchange prices (Day Ahead or Intraday)
  • Improvement of the primary energy factor
  • Reduction of grid usage fees
  • Real-time reaction to critical events, e.g. system failures

Our method

In order to determine and implement the technically and economically optimal operating mode of energy consumption or generation plants and the intelligent management of storage facilities, ATHION combines the latest information technologies with powerful mathematical optimization methods.

The concrete objectives and application areas of optimization are manifold and always adapted to the conditions of the properties.

Typical added values of optimized resource planning are the reduction of energy costs, the saving of grid charges, the development of marketing revenues or the minimization of CO2 emissions.

In addition, the predicted energy requirements for electricity, heat, cooling or steam as well as all relevant operating parameters and energy prices are included in the optimization. The result is the continuous generation of timetables for optimized plant operation according to economic, ecological and technical parameters.

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