Forecasts based on artificial intelligence

Better planning with forecasts

Powerful and adaptive forecasts of energy consumption or demand are the basis of an optimized procurement strategy for industrial properties. Cleverly used, industrial companies profit by reducing their energy costs.

Energy suppliers use ATHION FORECASTenergy to optimize their energy production and procurement and thus minimize their procurement risks. Grid operators are supported by ATHION FORECASTenergy in the active management of their balancing groups and the increase of supply security in their local grid.

In order to map highly complex, non-linear correlations, ATHION relies on the latest artificial intelligence technologies, such as artificial neural networks.

In combination with the continuous integration of property-specific data, this method is particularly suitable for achieving optimal forecasting results and a high level of robustness in forecasting quality.


Your added values

ATHION FORECASTenergy – Prognosen auf Basis künstlicher Intelligenz
  • High and continuously improving forecasting quality thanks to self-improving machine learning processes
  • Rapid forecasting through powerful IT infrastructure and efficient forecasting algorithms
  • Free selection of forecast frequency and horizon
  • No investment costs thanks to a flexible software-as-a-service model
  • High flexibility in the connection of local data sources and IT systems (e.g. metering infrastructure, trading systems, etc.)
  • Supplementing the forecast with further ATHION Digital Energy Services, such as optimized operation management of generation plants

Fields of application

  • Improvement of the demand forecast for all energy media including peak load forecast
  • Reduction of differential balancing group deviations
  • Reduction of procurement and balancing energy costs in own supply balance area
  • Optimized planning of the use of power generation plants and consumers
  • Improvement of contract conditions by providing forecasts for the energy supplier
  • Improvement of cost planning for energy procurement

Forecasting services from ATHION

  • Energy production forecasts
  • Energy consumption forecasts
  • Load forecasts for consumption metered customers
  • Forecasts for balancing groups

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