Intelligent management of complex energy systems

Energy 4.0 – The future is digital

The management of energy systems is complex because large amounts of metering and plant data have to be collected and processed.

Complex analyses and optimizations can often only be carried out with considerable time or not at all. Inhomogeneous metering and system infrastructures make it difficult to introduce a comprehensive digital solution.

As a professional energy management system, ATHION ALPHA helps you digitalize your energy management.

ATHION ALPHA also enables the effective management of your energy system with innovative and powerful methods from the fields of artificial intelligence and mathematical optimization.


Full flexibility

Different companies need different solutions.

As part of a flexible Software-as-a-Service concept, we therefore offer ATHION ALPHA in three packages that exactly fit your needs.

Through the ATHION customer portal you have secure and easy access to all important information, conveniently manage locations and users and intuitively configure the user interface according to your requirements. In addition, you receive free updates, maintenance and customer service.

ATHION ALPHAEssentialAdvancedPremium
Data connection
Data recording
KPIs/Evaluations/Annual Forecasts
Task management
Data correction*
Anomaly detection*
Energy demand
and generation forecasts*
Optimisation of the deployment of energy generators,
consumers and storages

* with artificial intelligence


Your added values

ATHION ALPHA – Komplexe Energiesysteme intelligent managen
  • Integration of different systems, meters and locations
  • Central, consistent data management
  • Creation of a valid database through live processing of all energy data without media breaks
  • Automated plausibility check and correction of energy data
  • Extensive visualization and evaluation functions
  • Management of key figures, analyses, reports and measures
  • Intelligent, context-sensitive monitoring of the energy system to identify anomalies, uneconomical or critical conditions
  • Optimized control of energy generators, consumers and storage facilities (e.g. for maximization of own electricity, reduction of grid charges, reaction to market signals)

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