Energy Intelligence

Powerful solutions for the analysis and optimization of energy systems

ATHION supports companies
with digital solutions for energy 4.0

  • ATHION supports industrial enterprises, energy suppliers and network operators in the digitalization and management of their energy systems and thus contributes to the increase of profitability and competitiveness
  • You benefit from a holistic view of your energy system taking into account the energy-economical and technical perspective.
  • Innovative and powerful methods from the fields of artificial intelligence and mathematical optimization enable you to perform real-time analysis as well as active management and optimization of your energy system.
  • Our flexible Software-as-a-Service concept allows uncomplicated access to your individual solution package.

Our products
Intelligent management of complex energy systems

Different companies need different solutions. We offer our modular products as part of a flexible software-as-a-service concept that fits your needs perfectly. Find out which ATHION product is right for you.

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